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Posted: March 18, 2016 by Nanette Keir

*No batteries needed

Slide Rules are computing devices that would appear to be multiple rulers working together. In their most basic form, they multiply two numbers by sliding in relation to each other until desired numbers are lined up. They are utilized to do speedy routine mathematical work, in a variety of conditions.    
If you looked under the experience section of Slide Rule’s resume you would find: landed astronauts on the Moon (1), aided bombardiers and navigators during World War II; calculated fuel usage and altitude for U.S. Navy aircraft ranges; consulted with engineers to construct the Empire State Building, Hoover Dam, and the curves of the Golden Gate Bridge. (2)
Still making an impact today, American Slide-Chart / Perrygraf produces slide charts, devices that operate on the principle of a slide rule. We have produced charts that aid in fighting fires, cultivating crops, calculating investment decisions, and manufacturing a wide variety of consumer goods. When looking for a way to do quick comparison calculations and / or view multiple variables all at once, slide charts are the right tool for the job. Take a look at how a few of our customers used their slide charts. 
The SuperCool Slide Rule
Meet Bryan Knowlton, owner of Dynamic Heating & Cooling, and educator of heating, air conditioning and electrical at New Mexico State University-Carlsbad. He was inspired to develop an all-in-one tool for HVAC professionals, after noticing an aviation slide guide used to calculate fuel flow computations while obtaining his pilot’s license.
By partnering with us we were able to turn Bryan’s vision into the “SuperCool Slide Rule.” Bryan even reported that the device out performed an app at the HVAC trade show, when he had challenged a guy to race him to an answer for $100.00… and the “SuperCool Slide Rule” WON!
Torque Wrench Usage Guide
Long time customer Sturtevant Richmont, a division of Ryeson Corporation, consulted with us to restore the “Torque Wrench Usage Guide” we had produced for them in 1958.
Sturtevant Richmont manufactures an industry-leading variety of torque wrenches and screwdrivers, which are used to apply a precise level of force to a fastener such as a nut or bolt. The company’s marketing manager had found the “Torque Wrench Usage Guide” when doing online research for unique marketing solutions.
Customers found the guide resourceful; streamlining complex calculations to convey the impact of changing torque wrench length. “We’re giving these slide-based devices away at our trade shows, and we’ve already seen high demand,” explained Margaret Liebert, buyer at Sturtevant Richmont. “Our sales team also saves an enormous amount of calculation time by leveraging such an easy-to-use and portable item. We certainly won’t hesitate to re-order a tool that has proven its effectiveness for almost 60 years!”
1     P. Grego, Astronomical Cybersketching: Observational Drawing with PDAs and  Tablet PCs, Springer, New York (NY), 2009. 
2     C. Stoll, Scientific American, 2006, Volume 294, Issue 5, pg. 85.

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