Ready. Set. SNAP!

Posted: November 08, 2016 by Rachael Bushnell

Today, capturing life’s important milestones just got a little easier. From day 1 to 12 years later, Time Snap displays the age and date of your little one’s big moments.
Time Snap creator’s adorable daughter reaching her 6-month milestone!
It all started with a French Lady eating a cookie. Mary Koludrovic, the Time Snap mastermind, noticed a vintage wheel calendar that hung in her mother’s kitchen. As she watched her little girl running around, and with another child on the way, she thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a convenient way to capture these moments?”
The inspiration. Purchased by Mary’s mother at Anthropologie a LONG time ago.
Boundless Moments
Time Snap was created to capture those precious moments, giving us something to look back on while celebrating how far we have come. Mary’s motto: “The only constant in life is change, snap your milestones.”
Behind the Entrepreneur
Time Snap creator Mary Koludrovic
An oncology social worker for the past decade, Mary has been instrumental in her clients’ lives. A core tenet of her job was aiding people in identifying their values and living well with them. Like most people, kids and family topped their list.
Reinventing the Wheel
After some searching, Mary was referred to us! That’s when we began to make Time Snap come to life.
The Koludrovic family on Press Approval Day. Time Snap is officially 1 day old!
Mary had a concept but was having problems fleshing out the details. She was looking to create a photo prop with the ability to highlight important milestones in a child’s life, by illustrating the date.  After multiple rounds of sketches and proto-types, our paper engineers came up with a functional design. The patent pending design allows you to easily rotate the appropriate wheel to display the age and date.
Try, try again. One of our paper engineers constructing a Time Snap proto-type.
Once the workings were solved our graphic artist went to work creating a whimsical look for the photo prop. Mary worked closely with our artist, pointing out various items on Pinterest, to come up with a clean, chalkboard look. Time Snap also includes a date of birth feature, becoming a keepsake that can be displayed in any nursery. Get your own Time Snap here!
More than just a photo prop, Time Snap is the perfect nursery décor!
Client Approved
Press checked & approved.
 “I’m BEYOND grateful to have found you guys and your company. You are so talented and I was so impressed with how much work and detail goes into the process. Everything looked wonderful and I appreciate everything that everyone did to make it go so smoothly.” – Mary Koludrovic

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