How to Simplify Ordering

Posted: February 02, 2016 by Nanette Keir

Product Numbers

Poring over catalog pages, looking for an item that has all the required features and specifications needed, can be a frustrating and time-consuming activity.  A Harvard Business Review study found that one of the most common consumer responses to excess information is to forego a purchase altogether.
Ordering charts can streamline product information, enabling companies to keep it simple and keep their customers. Our multiple slide format enables users to select desired features and specifications, yielding a quick and easy product number. By pulling each slide up or down until the desired choice appears in the appropriate window of the outer case results in a complete order number when the combined window copy is read from left to right.
Digits Managed
So many product combinations, in so little space… Take a look at how these companies used the multi-slide chart to demystify their product numbers!
 Mercury Medical
Mercury Medical was able to simplify ordering medical equipment by incorporating a generous amount of product combinations on one side of a 4 ¼ x 9” chart.
Known for their quality-engineered components, SAF-Holland was able to streamline multiple catalog pages of their fifth wheel product line into a hand-held chart. This provided their commercial vehicle market, distributors and customers, with timely, accurate product information.





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