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The Truth About The Birds And The Bees Wheel
Major pollinators and 1/3 of human food crops depend on pollination. The colorful, whimsical graphics of our Pollinator wheel are a great way to teach the importance of pollination. The wheel describes the eight main pollinators—a spin of the wheel sets a picture of each pollinator in the magnifying glass window, and lists its status and favorite flower colors in the windows opposite. The process of pollination is described and the factors contributing to its decline globally are also given.

The opposite side of the wheel lists suggestions for what can be done to stop the decline, and support existing pollinators. Photos of 15 different plants good for pollinators are included for display in the magnifying glass window, with important data for each in the window opposite. Tips for what individuals can do locally are given, along with organizations and websites for additional information.
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