What is a Slide-Chart?

Posted: June 14, 2018 by Nanette Keir

slide-chart is a hand-held device, usually of paper, cardboard, or plastic, for conducting simple calculations or looking up information. A circular slide chart is sometimes referred to as a wheel chart or volvelle.


BUT there is so much more to what we do here at American/Perrygraf! Here’s a little glossary of the terms we use.


Fold and Glue: A slide-chart that is folded book style. It incorporates a glue flap to close the chart up and has die-cut windows to set/read hidden data.

Example: Kimberly Clark



Build Up: A slide-chart that is held together with grommets (sometimes called eyelets). As opposed to being book style, this is more along the lines of sandwich style. The slide inside the chart runs along strips which are called runners.

Example: Philips



Double or multiple Pocket Fold and Glue: Two or more slide-charts hinged together to handle large volumes of data in a smaller slide-chart.

Example: Johnson Mathey



Wheel Chart: Two or more circular disks, or dials connected by a central hub, usually a grommet. The wheels revolve on the grommet to align to a setting or to reveal hidden data in a die-cut window opening. Also is referred to as volvelles or trapped dial volvelles.

Example: Chefmaster



Fold-Out: This is a mailer that is sent flat. When opened it has shapes which are die-cut out to create a 3-D effect. 

Example: Orginal Kitchen Parts



Pop-Ups:flat-folding, rubber-band activated piece that POPS out of an envelope when opened. Can be polyhedron, cube, house, diamond, pyramid or milk carton shaped.

Example: Farmers Association for Milk


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