Read To A Seed Home Education Literacy Plan

Posted: April 08, 2020 by Nanette Keir

Wheel and Slide Chart used in reading development

Read To A Seed came to us to help create two fun tools to help children read. Their goal is to make daily reading time more interactive. 

Read To A Seed Wheel

We first helped them create a wheel and growth chart to go into their Literacy Kit. The Kit includes a plant to grow, a spout for watering, a guide wheel and a growth chart for keeping track of your learning and growth of your plant.

Read To A Seed Guide For Learning Your ABCs

They were so pleased by our work that they asked us to create an ABC Learning Guide. The guide is a slide chart with multiple slides containing the alphabet. You insert a card into the slide chart and begin practicing the name and sound of a letter. Each letter has a fun graphic that represents the letter. The back of the chart comes with a tracking system that allows you to keep track of what you have learned.

Read To A Seed Read To A Seed Learning Your ABCs

Both the Growth Guide and the ABC Learning Guide come with areas for children to personalize and mark up their progress on learning.

With parents having to teach from home, these are both ideal and fun ways to teach and learn.

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