3 Jaw Dropping Direct Mail Pieces

Posted: July 12, 2018 by Nanette Keir

Creative Direct Mail

If Amazon is going to print a toy catalog, then print is far from dead! Did you know that 44% of customers visit a website, AFTER they have received   a direct mail piece?!

Our team here at American Slide-Chart is passionate about our products! Our products are interactive and create pass along readership that boosts sales and the bottom line. Here are 3 direct mail pieces we created and produced, that hit it out of the ballpark!


Milk Carton Pop-upMailed flat in an envelope and when the user opened the envelope, a rubber band activated milk carton popped up into their hands! Included a die cut hole for a straw or pencil. Coming from The American Dairy Association, this pop-up advised the right degree to keep milk cold in a fun way!


Milk Carton 

Slide-Chart with Flaps. This piece was created by the National Association of Home Builders to inform home building professionals about “Green Home Rating Systems”. In some areas of the flaps, a glossy varnish was applied to extenuate colorful graphics and significant data. All wrapped up in a sustainable mailer!



Foldout Mailer.  Why not call on Duck Dynasty to get your message across? This piece mails flat and opens up to various die cut shapes of Peak’s “Blue Def” exhaust fluid products, while at the same time offering a prize at a race track. This mailer got people calling!



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