What is a Flextangle?

Posted: September 16, 2019 by Nanette Keir

Creative Paper App!

Don’t miss out on the latest in paper engineering ... introducing the Flextangle! Never heard of a Flextangle? How about Flexagon or Kaleidocycle? No matter what you call them, Flextangles are all over the internet. These tangible fidget toys are fun-interactive tools that American Slide Chart can manufacture here, in its Carol Stream facility. It’s a SNAP! These paper puzzles allow up to 4 unique messages.  Around & Around you just can’t put them down! 

Don’t miss out so whether you call them Flexagon, Flextangle or Kaleidocycle we have them. Use this tool for trade shows, stress relief, drive a message and engage your end-users.

Various Flextangles













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