2020 Pop-Up Calendars in Action!

Posted: August 28, 2019 by Nanette Keir

I love taking a video of our 2020 Pop-Ups in Action! We are introducing two new Pop-Ups this year, Vibrant and Pop-Rock.

Vibrant and Pop-Rock 2020 Calendar Pop-Ups

We also are bringing back an oldie but goodie. Celebrations was our most requested design years ago, so we decided to freshen it up and offer it for the new year.

Celebrations 2020 Pop-Up Calendar

I needed help in making our Pop-Ups "POP" so I had my co-worker, Yedid join me. Please watch the video, you can see Yedid's hand and hear my lame joke that references the old Kung Fu series. Snatch the pebble from my hand, or in this case stapler!



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